A bot that keeps Trello™ cards in sync.

Go try syncing some items at the demo board.


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Answers to your questions

Is it free?
It is free for up to 10 synced sources. That means you can have 10 pairs or cards being synced, totalling 20 cards, or more -- because you can keep more than 2 cards synced to each other.
What happens if I want more than 10 synced sources?
Then you'll have to login and subscribe for $19 per month to get up to 50 synced sources. If you want more than that, we have plans with up to 400 or even 1000 synced sources.
What happens when I reach the limit?
At the moment you try to add the bot to a new card, a comment will be posted on that card telling you that you are over the limit and the bot will be removed from the card.
What about privacy?
We don't store any of the card contents, except for the title, and the bot is just like a normal Trello user, so it has access to the same data a normal person would have if added to the board -- but he will also lose access to everything at the moment he is removed from the board.
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